Additional Employee Exceptions/Theft Report added

In most versions of our software, you will now see informational text in the body of the  email that contains your nightly report (generally a WSA for most).

The information will ONLY show if there is a warning and will generally look like this IF there is a flag. There are several sections:

(1) A Peripheral Section

  • is Receipt Printer Turned OFF
  • is Kitchen Printer Turned OFF
  • Is Customer Display Turned Off
  • Are you not using Video Capture
  • Is Fingerprint Reader deactivated

(2) CALL In Section

  • Are there open call ins that were not closed out?
  • Were their Forced Call Ins for the day? (Also note that all systems now require a 20+ character reason for why the Call In was deleted).


  • If Manager Mode can be left in there (we recommend that manager mode always be forced OFF after any transaction that needed it)
  • Whether Non-managers can do NO SALES.
  • Whether Non-Managers can do VOIDS.

We encourage any additional requests any of our strategic partners using our systems think would be good additions.

David A. De Coursy PCI-Professional Certified, ETA-Certified Payments Professional
Datapoint POS,   a PCI-QIR Certified company

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