Token Machine Interface


These are the instructions to use a Token Machine with your POS. (Courtesy of strategic partner David Abraham with CICI’s)

“Here are the instructions to implement a token dispenser that is controlled through the POS. This will eliminate shrinkage on tokens.

1) Order an AC250 token dispenser and be sure to ask for the serial interface option ($107 upgrade). Betson Distributing, Britannie Betti, (201) 819-1982,
2) You will need an interface cable to attach it to the POS ($7).
3) The RJ45 to DB9 Serial adapter was shipped with your POS. Can be ordered from Datapoint if it is missing.
4) If you need it to function from more than one POS terminal, you will need some addition software installed ($140).“


Please contact Datapoint Tech support if you need any assistance or have questions. We will assist your setup at no additional charges.

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