Re-posted on Popular Request – Tracking Cashier Theft

These are several ways cashiers or other staff try to circumvent ringing of sales to pocket money or otherwise under declare their sales. By reviewing your settings and reports you can easily stop or spot these transactions.

(1) OPEN & DELETED CALL INS – The POS will notify you of these every morning and also on the Z Tape. The only Open call ins you should ever have are those who were scheduled in the future. Some cashiers think they can keep placing PICK UP Orders that don’t affect their till and then just leave them forever open or Delete them.

(2) Pay attention to the Report Theftwatch (also known as Hackwatch and Employee Exception Report in some products). This is generally sent every week or in some cases every night to recap suspicious activity and compare Employees and Manager’s till handling/habits. If you see excessive Editing of a ticket, then you either have a training issue with that staff member, or it is likely they are clearing and putting multiple sales before cashing out. You can then go into the Theftwatch detail and inspect individual transactions or call our Help Desk and we can do an audit for you (no extra costs).

(3) Cash Drawer stays open. Easy fix/deterrent is to to make sure the Preferences setting for NO SALES WITH CASH DRAWER OPEN is turned on. The location of this setting will vary depending on product/company so contact Help Desk if you are unsure.

(4) Also you should not allow NO SALES button. If you must, use MANAGER ONLY option.   Doing an opening of the drawer is better used with PAID OUT (IN) so you can classify it. We will likely eliminate the NO SALE button in the near future on all software.

(5) You should always force print a Receipt. Some companies require this but if not, it is still a needed feature to keep on.

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