Automating 3rd Party Payroll, Quickbooks, and other Accounting with your POS

With DatapointPOS you can easily automate both Payroll Services you may use as well as Export your General Ledger/key accounts into Quickbooks or similar.

  • For payroll, Datapoint currently supports – ADP, Quickbooks,  Heartland Payroll, Pay Vision, PayCom, Sage ABRA, and a generic export readable by most or importable into Excel or other formats.
  • For Accounting/General Ledger we support – Quickbooks,  Sage MAS 500, and a generic Excel readable export.

In both these cases the POS will format the data and email or upload it directly into your Payroll/Accounting program of choice.

If you do not see your particular 3rd party software, or have your own format, by all means contact us and we should be able to support it at no charge providid ed we are given all needed documentation.


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